September 20, 2023

Migrating from ESXi to Proxmox

Migrating from ESXi to Proxmox

It's quite a simple process migrating from ESXi to Proxmox.

  1. Grab the migration tool
  2. Shutdown the VM to be moved
  3. Migrate the VM to the new host
  4. Import the VM into Proxmox

You can reference this page from Proxmox for all this info or read more of my ramblings below:

  1. Grab this tool and install it on your Proxmox server:
    Note that you will need a VMware account.
  2. Shut down the VM you are going to move on to the ESXi host. If you're doing multiple you can shut these down one at a time or all together now, up to you.
  3. Migrate:
    On the Proxmox host, substitute your own ESXi host IP/VM name and storage destination. I'm migrating my home assistant container from my ESXi host into Storage2 on the Proxmox host, so I would run:
ovftool vi://[email protected]/homeassistant /mnt/pve/Storage2/

4. Then you can import the VM from storage onto your operational disk:
Here, I'm setting up my seventh VM (107) onto my work drive Ops2.

qm importovf 107 homeassistant/homeassistant.ovf Ops2

Now it's almost ready to fire up... not much longer.

There are a couple of final things that need to be checked before you can hit go. The migration and import process doesn't include any passthrough devices or any network interfaces. So you will need to set up those again in Proxmox.

The last bit of the puzzle to remember is to fix your DHCP reservations because having just recreated your network interfaces, you'll now have different MAC addresses so your existing reservations won't work.

Happy migrating!